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How to Travel to Iran as an American, British or Canadian Citizens?

What are your biggest challenges of traveling to Iran as an American? Do you know whether Americans, British or Canadian citizens are allowed to travel to Iran? Do you have any idea about the level of safety in Iran for Americans?

Well, if you are from one of these nationalities, and planning to travel to Iran, we are going to cover all different subjects on this matter. 

At the end of this article, you will be sure, not only travel to Iran is safe for tourists from around the globe, some of them believe that Iran was one of the best destinations they have traveled to in their life.

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Are Americans allowed to travel to Iran?

The answer is simply yes. While there are some regulations, rules and visa requirements for Americans to travel to Iran, they have never been banned from traveling to Iran.

Forget about what you hear from media and papers, and ask an official to see what their answer is. All will let you know that British nationals and Americans passport holders can go to Iran.


Is it safe to travel to Iran as an American?

Not only for American, British, and Canadian citizens but also for all nationalities, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world. 

Two recent international reports on the level of safety have been done by international companies. Both of these reports confirm that Iran is one of the safest destinations to travel to. 


How to travel to Iran as an American, British, or Canadian Citizens?

Almost all nationalities, including European, Canadian, American, and so many other nationalities need a visa for Iran. However, there are some special regulations for these nationalities. 

They have to apply for their visa at least 3 months in advance and can't get a visa on arrival. In addition, all visitors to Iran from America, Canada, and the UK must be accompanied by a licensed guide for their travels in Iran, since arrival until the departure. 

This essentially means that unless you hire your own private guide for the entire duration of your visit, you must join an organized tour.

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Iran tours for US citizens: Group Tour or Private Guide?

For tourists from the USA, Britain, and Canada, it is possible to join a group or travel with a private guide in Iran

The only matter is that they have to be accompanied by a licensed guide for their whole travel duration. Therefore, if you can find a group tour in your neighborhood, you can join them for your next vacation to Iran. 

Or if you prefer to travel at your own pace, why not hiring a private guide and travel with much flexibility that you prefer.

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How to apply for an Iran visa as an American

To apply for an Iran visa as an American, British, or Canadian citizen, firstly you need to prepare your travel plan and submit it with a travel agency in Iran, directly or through an international one. In addition, you need the following documents: 

  1. A valid passport which should be valid for at least 6 months. 
  2. Visa stamp fee, which is payable to the Iranian embassy at your residence country. 
  3. The authorization letter which has to be sent from the Iranian travel agency to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Completed and signed the application form, and a recently taken personal photo. 
  5. Travel insurance valid for Iran

When all these are prepared, the Iranian travel agency should find a licensed tour guide to accompany the group. It’s a legal requirement for Canadian citizens to visit Iran in this manner. 

Then they will submit the visa request, and wait for the decision of the Iran Foreign Ministry. As soon as they receive the authorization code, the traveler should go to the Iranian Embassy in their resident country to obtain their actual visa.

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As an American, how will Iranians treat me?

Iranian are popular for being friendly and hospitable. They love to talk to tourists and even take some pictures with them. Americans are not apart from this rule. People will treat them as their own guests and try to help them if needed.

But what Americans say about their trip to Iran? If you are interested to know what these people actually experienced in the country, here are some opinions that you can find in these people weblogs:

Clint Johnston is an American who has been traveling the world for more than a decade to over 120 countries. 

He recently traveled to Iran and what he says about his travel to Iran is” We don’t often hear a lot of positive things about Iran in the news but everyone I know who has visited has nothing but wonderful things to say. Iran is a beautiful country with incredibly hospitable people.” 

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Drew Binsky is an American who has been to 171 countries since 2012. He works as a full-time video maker, travel blogger and content creator. “Iran is not (at all) what I thought it’d be like!  Contrary to popular belief, Iran is extremely safe, with the friendliest people I’ve ever met who went out of their way to make sure I was safe and having a good time.” What he says about Iran in his weblog.

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They have been traveled to more than 90 countries so far. To know more about their travel to Iran, find more on Traveling to Iran as Americans: All You Need to Know

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